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Waukee, Iowa

New Construction Design in Waukee, Iowa

A city suburb of West Des Moines, Iowa, Waukee is known as one of the best places in Iowa to settle down and raise kids. With 13 city-maintained parks and an age-diverse community, Waukee feels like a place for family. 

Minnesota Cabinets is proud to offer custom builds for new construction homes and existing homes in Waukee and beyond. Visitors checking out Waukee can grab a great pub lunch at the Gastro Grub Pub or pick up some Chinese takeout from Shanghai Chinese Restaurant to eat at one of its beautiful parks.

Waukee, Iowa New Construction Design

Most real estate agents will tell you that new construction resale value has the potential to dramatically increase, gaining equity as the neighborhood expands. Modern house designs offer more convenience and better energy-saving construction. From small house designs to 4 bedroom modern house plans, you can find exactly what you want and need in a home without relying on someone who came before you to sell an existing house that fits your lifestyle.

New Home Construction Design Center Tips

When you set up an appointment with your builder to choose the interior upgrades of your home, it’s good to have a new home design center checklist. This tool will help you prioritize the items on your budget as well as help you choose the upgrades that you want now rather than later. 


The base versions of house designs often don’t perfectly match the model home you viewed when you began considering the neighborhood, so keep an eye out for the things you found most appealing in the model. 


The builder with the house designs plans and models an ideal version of the house so that the seller can bring them to life for the potential buyer. The great thing is that you’re not locked into the models as you see them. Fortunately, there are several options for customization that will fit your needs and still keep the resale value.

A real estate agent can advise on how to pick finishes for new home builds, but the simple rule of thumb is to find the balance between complete customization for yourself and considering the things that will add value and appeal to the home in the future when you consider resale. Craftsman house plans are a popular style choice for new builds, but the interior should be in sync with the exterior of the home so that it will not drive down the resale value in the future.

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

For a quick and effective mini-remodel, consider painting your cabinets a new color. Or try something new with the drawer pulls and handles. 


Another fun way to update your space is with a new backsplash. Try something in a statement color, play with textures, or go for something simple with a peel and stick wallpaper. 


Deep, pull-out drawers for pots and pans have gained popularity, offering a space-saving (and spine-saving) solution for those bulky items.

New Construction Upgrades to Avoid

The builder will always offer new construction selections for the client, but not all of these options are the best. Some selections may drive up the mortgage while adding little value. Then there are selections that won’t give you the best deal while other selections offer a narrow window of options.

Kitchen Trends that Will Last 

Because trends change constantly, to get the “newest kitchen trends 2020,” working with a designer or consultant would be ideal for successfully outfitting your kitchen. 


Bringing kitchen design pictures to your design center appointment can help guide the builder and show your preferences. Sometimes what you like is difficult to describe without a picture to show as an example, and it can always speed up the process to show exactly what you like. 


There are so many new kitchen designs for you to look at, and it won’t be difficult to find what fits your personality. You can consider both kitchen cabinet color trends 2020 and classic, long-lasting styles. 

Your kitchen design layout is as important as the materials you use. As a room that most people spend significant amounts of time in, the kitchen is a central part of a home. It’s best to consult with a designer or expert who can present you with home design plans with photos and examples of what will flow best.

About Us

Minnesota Cabinets began in Marshall, MN with a focus on providing the highest levels of quality and craftsmanship. A few years after we started our first location, we expanded to Clive, IA and soon became known as a high-quality provider of cabinetry for new builds and remodels. We treat each individual relationship as our most important and challenge ourselves to always leave the customer with a product that will have a lifetime and a legacy.  For information about how we can help with cabinetry for your home build process, please call us at (515) 278-5289 or contact us at

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