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Kitchen Remodel and Addition for Residents of West Des Moines, Iowa

West Des Moines Kitchen Remodel and Addition

West Des Moines remodel / addition for a family with teenagers that included kitchen, dining, family room, powder room, upstairs bedrooms and baths.


Cabinetry and design was provided by Minnesota Cabinets designer, Linda.


They pushed the entire length of the exterior kitchen and dining walls out by 12' so we gained a lot of space to devote to a large island, work space, additional seating.


The kitchen cabinets showcase four different finishes -  Carbon stain, a high gloss taupe-grey laminate, aluminum doors with frosted glass, and white back painted glass doors.

Fireplace cabinet repeats the Poplar finish with a white back painted lift up glass door to house TV equipment. 

This beautiful kitchen remodel improved the lifestyle, design aesthetic, and workspace functionality for the family. Their kitchen no longer served their lifestyle needs as children became teenagers and started needing more space, so they decided on an addition. The addition also added more resale value to their home than simply remodeling cabinets and appliances would have. 

Remodeling Small Kitchen Spaces

There is so much that remodeling can do for small kitchen spaces including adding custom kitchen cabinets that create a fresh feel and maximize storage possibilities. In a small kitchen it is especially important to consider the need and availability for more storage space as it becomes a big challenge for the everyday homeowner. While stock cabinets will fulfill the needs of most standard-sized kitchens, sometimes an expansion is necessary in smaller kitchens.

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas Pictures

To get a better idea of what you may want from your custom cabinet design, reading a few home design magazines and watching design shows can be a great starting point. You can find award winning kitchen design inspiration and gather examples of the pieces you love to bring you one step closer to your new space.


Another great place to find kitchen before and after photos for all decor styles and budgets is Pinterest. It’s like visiting a kitchen design showroom without leaving the comfort of your home. However, there is nothing like experiencing a live kitchen design showroom so when you are ready to take the next step and find a kitchen designer, you know where you can find us to go over what you do or don’t want.


Another option would be to browse Houzz, a website where you can view designer portfolios and make a list of your favorite designers. It’s also another way to find inspiration for your style, as each pro on the site will have a digital custom cabinet showroom for you to browse. 

Kitchen Remodeling Services

Once you start shopping around to choose a service, the possibilities may seem endless. But the foundations of what you need are very simple.

Kitchen Cabinets

While cabinets can typically be the number one cost in your remodel, the higher the quality the longer the lifespan of your cabinets.  Made from solid wood with quality carpentry, the material and workmanship investment of your custom kitchen cabinets not only extends the lifetime of the pieces but vastly improves the value-added. You will notice the difference even before you see the completed kitchen remodeling before and after photos.

Full Kitchen Remodel Cost

Overall, a kitchen remodel cost can range anywhere from a few thousand to a few hundred thousand dollars, depending on the scope of the remodel and whether any additions are made to the structure of the home. The size of your kitchen and the features you want to include can also affect the cost. But a quick consultation with a designer and a few measurements, combined with your budget and expectations, can start you toward your exciting new upgrade.

Remodeling Contractor

The contractor and designer you hire to remodel your kitchen will be all in until the project is done, so consider who you will want to spend time with. Who will you enjoy working with and who do you trust to manage your project with high standards that meet or exceed your expectations? There are many options for a service, and while people will always line up to earn your business, it’s good to remember that you are hiring them to improve your lifestyle. Make sure that the contractor you choose can provide you with examples of their work and a list of references. Also, make sure that they are licensed, bonded, and insured. A quality workman will be able to offer you peace of mind through their history and due diligence, and that’s worth a higher cost.

Custom Remodeling

When considering an upgrade or update, custom remodeling is our recommended route because custom remodeling offers a better fit for your space, mixing custom pieces with stock cabinets to create a blend that offers you everything you want for your home rather than relying on stock cabinets only.

About Us

Minnesota Cabinets, founded in Marshall, Minnesota, opened our first showroom in 1991. Since that day, we have expanded from Minnesota to Iowa, welcoming our first families in Des Moines when we opened our doors there in 2005. We are dedicated to quality cabinetry and workmanship, and we’re passionate about your space and helping you find the design that you need. To discuss your cabinetry needs or receive a design quote, call us at (515) 278-5289.


West Des Moines, Iowa stands proudly as a shining example of what Iowa has to offer. Named the #1 best location for young professionals by Forbes and the #3 best city to retire in the USA by Money magazine, West Des Moines brings people of all ages together with its thriving business district and beautiful golf courses of all types like the Glen Oaks Country Club and minigolf at West Grand Golf


Minnesota Cabinets has served the West Des Moines area and beyond since 2005. Visitors to West Des Moines can enjoy a delicious evening meal at Johnny’s Italian Steakhouse or grab a midmorning brunch at Eggs & Jam. For a look at the city’s history, stop in for an Underground Railroad tour at the Jordan House Museum.

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